I am obsessed with LEGO. This blog captures and shares that obsession. I am particularly interested in the LEGO retail experience – what sets are on the market, how different retailers display them, etc. I was inspired by seeing photos of toy stores from the 1970s and 1980s over at PlaidStallions.com. Seeing a photo of a LEGO Store from even a few years back, filled with retired sets already makes me feel nostalgic!

I’m in my early 40s, have been a lifelong fan of LEGO, and live in the US. I came out of my “dark ages” in college when I found a castle set at a thrift shop, and then built up my collection again via yard sales and retail store sales. Nowadays I have a pretty serious collection that always threatens to overrun my living space. I am particularly fond of the modular series, Star Wars sets, and a lot of the Exclusive sets such as the Emerald Night. I tend to buy a lot of minifigs too. I don’t have that much time to build, and often have plans for MOCs that go unrealized.

Overall, I share my experience with LEGO here on this blog. All the photos I share are those I have taken.
You can reach me at brickupdate@gmail.com


  • USL

    I thought this might be something you would be interested in.nnhttp://youtu.be/bAWP-c4M66QnnLego music!

    • Anonymous

      Nice! Thanks.

  • Bryce fritts

    wheres your free lego give away i cant find it

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I don’t do giveaways.u00a0

  • cristobal

    hellou00a0as youu00a0comeu00a0trooperu00a0clonesu00a0tell meu00a0urgentu00a0

  • Salmankhair82

    what is your email address?

  • Jonbragig

    hi, do you have a list of all your collection? a pic?

    • BrickUpdate

      I don’t have a full collection pic, sorry. Next time I move and get a nice space setup, I do a full photo tour!

  • Jackmitchell

    where is the shop

  • Musha

    Hi, are you Marvin L Prather in Facebook? He claim he share the blog with you.. https://www.facebook.com/marvinl.p2
    Here is his profile.

    • Musha

      All his photo is taken from your blog

      • BrickUpdate

        Ah, I see. Nope, I have no idea who that is. Bummer – I’ll maybe reach out to him. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Robin Frazier

    Hello, You posted a preschool book that shows how to make a roof and a few other things on the booklet like airplane. Where I found it with google images but do not see the picture or info in your blog. Please help me find that book. Thanks Robin

    • BrickUpdate

      Hmmm – I don’t remember this. Sorry.