Big Crowds at the LEGO Store for Summer 2011 Sets

by admin on July 29, 2011

My local LEGO Store was packed with people grabbing the newest summer 2011 LEGO sets, primarily Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. Amazing how much the licensed sets make up much of the store. With Marvel and DC super hero sets coming out next year, this certainly will build even more interest.

The line was consistently long during my visit:
LEGO Store

This is what greets you when you enter the store:
LEGO Store

For some reason, I am still surprised to see this on the shelf. I expect this to be the last year for this set, but who knows.
LEGO Store

The monthly mini model builds. Sadly, not open to those over 14, these are fun little sets:
LEGO Store

The new LEGO Master Builder Academy set was tucked in towards to the back of the store:
LEGO Store

Always fun to discover sets like this that I would never really buy, but look cool none-the-less:
LEGO Store

Big stacks of new sets in the middle of the store. The Ewok Attack set seemed to be popular. A good price point, and new Ewoks!
LEGO Store

One of the little displays in the store:
LEGO Store

  • Pauljung J02


  • Katsuma

    I NEVER saw that pink lego bucket (P.S. I have ewok attack)

    • BrickUpdate

      Come to think of it, I don’t remember that bucket either!

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