Farewell to LEGO Emerald Night

It looks as though LEGO is retiring the Emerald Night train set 10194. I slowly watched it go out of stock on site after site, and found some good deals on the remaining few, thanks to the forum members at Brickset.com and Toysnbricks.com. I ended up with 10 of these sets mint in box, plus one set that I built.

I really think this is an incredible – and dare I say beautiful – LEGO set. The styling, colors, and unique parts made this an incredible deal. There has been much speculation about how far the prices will rise on the aftermarket. I do think this set will long be viewed as a classic. Regardless of the monetary value, I just couldn’t resist adding some of these to my collection! And of course, dream of opening them up for one very long train!

LEGO Emerald Night

LEGO Emerald Night

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  • Lucky! I totally wanted to buy extra sets but my husband is content with just one. We’re totally simpatico on all things LEGO except for quantity! LOL

    • BrickUpdate

      Thanks. One is better than none!

  • Personnext

    Did you hear about the great deals at Sears today??

    • BrickUpdate

      Missed that.u00a0

  • Simonvandoesburg

    Do you know where i can still buy one?n

    • Anonymous

      eBay! But at twice original retail price.u00a0