Incoming: A Whole Bunch of LEGO Minifigs

The MOC I am working on requires a significant number of minifigs, and two packages arrived today with goodies:

LEGO Minfigs

Individually packaged minifigs, a nice touch!
LEGO Minfigs

Here they all are, about 45 in total, plus an extra 20 helmets:
LEGO Minfigs

A bunch of Russian soldiers from the Indiana Jones series:
LEGO Minfigs

More tan soldiers. I already have about 30 of these, but couldn’t pass up adding 5 more to my collection:
LEGO Minfigs

A bunch of Irina Spalkos from the Indiana Jones series:
LEGO Minfigs

Plus one Star Wars fig I didn’t already have and the helmets:
LEGO Minfigs

Stay tuned for what this MOC is!

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  • Wow, you must be planning something pretty big with all those minifigs!

    • BrickUpdate

      Yes indeed – should be coming together in the next couple of weeks.u00a0

      • Big Poppy

        where did you buy all the russians

  • Owen Kyte

    Are you going to sell them on Kijiji Ottawa?