Instant LEGO Clone Army

The last batch I ordered of LEGO Clone Walker Battle Packs #8014 arrived recently, giving me 35 sets total, plus 5 of the newer Clone Trooper Battle Packs #7913. 160 Clone Troopers waiting to be released from their plastic packages!

 LEGO Clone Walker Battle Packs #8014

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  • Guest12

    Holy smokes! That’s a lot of troopers!!nnBtw, keep up the good work with the blog, it’s a nice read 🙂

    • Anonymous


  • Somedude

    there is about … 170 clone troopersu00a0

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that sounds like a lot!

  • Owlen456

    it looks like you copy and paste it.n

    • Anonymous

      Yes it does. But… I didn’t.

  • Liamconrad2

    how much did this all cost???n

    • Anonymous

      They were on sale – I got them at a nice discount.

  • ahui

    asshole , you make me can’t buy it

    • legocloneboy47

      who cares it’s fun to see what clone army people have

  • trent948

    I want so badly :’C  WHY?!?

  • LegolasSparrow

    I know this is old, but do you know anywhere will I can still buy these (the walker sets)? I can’t seem to find any good deals.

    • Legoxboxcalllofdutymydays

      I know i want some to there real expensive now do to them rarely being created to found check ebay or amazon .

  • CloneFan12

    thats only 172 clones it’s a lot but not that much

  • Bobi Marinov

    Is this cost you more than 150 dollars