LEGO Elite Clones

by admin on July 8, 2012

I am breaking up some LEGO Elite Clone Trooper battle packs, and admiring the inventory. Here is a look at opening up and combining 5 of the battle packs. First up, the clones, which are still some of my favorite minifigs:f my 1(uLEGO Elite Clonesf my 1(uThe idea is to keep the clones, get rid of the commando droids and integrate the rest of the pieces into my bulk collection of playable LEGO. Here is everything sorted out:
LEGO Elite Clonesf my 1(uSome great colors in this set, I love the dark red:
LEGO Elite Clonesf my 1(uThe commando droids. The dark brown color is very cool, but I’m not a droid fan. Maybe some of these pieces could be used in interesting ways in a MOC, but I will likely just sell them off:
LEGO Elite Clonesf my 1(uAll the accessories for the clones, you get a lot of extra dark red visors and such:
LEGO Elite Clonesf my 1(uI have a ton of Elite Clone battle packs, I suppose I will build up a bit of an army of these… stay tuned!

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    f(uAre the droids still for salef my 1/div>

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