• GalaxyCommander

    I thought that I spent a ton on LEGO (my wife surely does). u00a0But, after checking out your site on an almost daily basis for the last year or so you put me to shame and all I’ve got to say is…. Where do get the money to buy all the stuff you collect.

    • Anonymous

      I am very lucky to be married to patient and understanding woman. As for the money, I buy my LEGO on sale and at discount usually. I do tend to look at the “investment” value of the sets, and am often sure I could at least break even on sets if I need to unload. Also, I tend to buy more at certain times of year, then prune my collection at other times. Also: it is an “obsession,” which means little of this is rational! But at least it’s fun. Thanks.

  • you are assembling an army!

    • Anonymous

      Indeed I am!u00a0