• Let  me know if you’re willing to part with it 🙂

    • BrickUpdate

      Kevin: sorry, but this one is a keeper. I’m sure you understand.

  • Earl9371

    So not to be rude, but give us a ballpark of “a great price” for this on eBay! I’m seeing used ones going in the $1400 range now!

    • BrickUpdate

      I forget the actual price now, but it was something like $700. Maybe it was a bit less or a bit more, but that sort of range. Believe me, I was so lucky to find it at that price. It was awhile ago I picked it up, months and months ago. Just one of those random flukes! 

  • Zack Wolin

    just got death star it is awesome

  • Demon Wolf22311

    this took me 2 days to make. 1 month later my cat decides to jump on it whilst it was on display -.-

    • BrickUpdate

      Ah, the joy of cat ownership!