• Kay

    Wow…are you eBaying these or you really really like it?

    • BrickUpdate

      I think some will be gifts for family members, I want to keep some, and I was even trying to consider a giveaway. But not entirely certain at the moment. 

      • Jenn

        I think that a giveaway would make readers really happy. Especially me

  • Petersonpvanzuita

    Jay ZX

  • Lloyd ninja of evrything

    this look nice i think ther is a gold ninja but is it gona be stonger than the green ninja or Lloyd lets see in 2013 have fun

    • BrickUpdate

      Agreed – thanks.

  • Mazin345

    i want it

  • Zaniboy24

    I want lloyd 🙂

  • Mosee06

    Can I hve one?

  • lloydfan122

    Can i have one pllz i will pay you as much as u want PLZZ i need a lloyd zx PLzz 0.