Target Post-Holiday LEGO Sale

There have been varying reports on LEGO clearance items at Target stores, some people seem to be scoring loads of incredible deals, while others are finding very little. I stopped by my local Target today – a few days after clearance items would be marked, and didn’t find much to be excited about. One thing to note is that my store didn’t seem to have the 50% discount that many other stores did.

LEGO Target

141231_lego_target 010

141231_lego_target 025

141231_lego_target 014

141231_lego_target 006

141231_lego_target 016

141231_lego_target 009

141231_lego_target 020

141231_lego_target 008

141231_lego_target 001

141231_lego_target 021

141231_lego_target 003

141231_lego_target 005

141231_lego_target 017

141231_lego_target 012

141231_lego_target 007

141231_lego_target 024

141231_lego_target 019

141231_lego_target 011

141231_lego_target 023

141231_lego_target 013

141231_lego_target 022

141231_lego_target 002

141231_lego_target 018

141231_lego_target 015

Barely a LEGO Post-Holiday Sale, at Barnes & Noble

With LEGO gaining in popularity even further, post-holidays sales have been light this year. There were reports of 50% off LEGO sales at Barnes & Noble, so after 2 days, I decided to stop by my local store. Nothing was marked on sale, but I had an employee scan a bunch of sets, and one of them — the Mountain Hut — came up at 50% off. I grabbed it.

LEGO at Barnes & Noble

141222_lego_store 010

141222_lego_store 011

141222_lego_store 003

141222_lego_store 008

141222_lego_store 002

141222_lego_store 001

141222_lego_store 004

141222_lego_store 009

141222_lego_store 007

141222_lego_store 005

LEGO Store During the Holidays

I stopped by a different LEGO Store this weekend, amidst the height of holiday shopping. As expected, the store was packed with merchandise, though the manager kept fielding questions from customers about specific items that were out of stock: the ice theme, regular baseplates, etc. As I walked up to the store, employees were carting in a bunch of new merchandise…

LEGO Store

141222_lego_store 001a

141222_lego_store 002

141222_lego_store 004

141222_lego_store 005

141222_lego_store 006

141222_lego_store 007

141222_lego_store 008

141222_lego_store 009

141222_lego_store 010

141222_lego_store 011

141222_lego_store 012

141222_lego_store 013

141222_lego_store 014

141222_lego_store 015

141222_lego_store 016

141222_lego_store 017

141222_lego_store 018

141222_lego_store 019

141222_lego_store 020

141222_lego_store 021

141222_lego_store 022

141222_lego_store 023

141222_lego_store 024

141222_lego_store 025

141222_lego_store 026

141222_lego_store 027

LEGO Exclusive Minifig Cube at Target

A surprising little release came this week, an exclusive cube of 4 minifigs only available at Target. I stopped by my local store, and an employee told me they sold out quickly a day or two ago. Loads of signage for them. Luckily, I ordered some of these online which should arrive soon. Here is what the store looked like:

LEGO at Target