Barely a LEGO Post-Holiday Sale, at Barnes & Noble

With LEGO gaining in popularity even further, post-holidays sales have been light this year. There were reports of 50% off LEGO sales at Barnes & Noble, so after 2 days, I decided to stop by my local store. Nothing was marked on sale, but I had an employee scan a bunch of sets, and one of them — the Mountain Hut — came up at 50% off. I grabbed it.

LEGO at Barnes & Noble

141222_lego_store 010

141222_lego_store 011

141222_lego_store 003

141222_lego_store 008

141222_lego_store 002

141222_lego_store 001

141222_lego_store 004

141222_lego_store 009

141222_lego_store 007

141222_lego_store 005

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