10 Year Anniversary

A decade ago I launched BrickUpdate.com. I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on those years. This year, of course, has prevented me from really getting to stores to take photos of LEGO aisles. But the truth is, I have not really been actively collecting LEGO for several years now. I still enjoy documenting the LEGO retail experience though, and look forward to doing that next year and beyond. This blog had a very narrow and simple mission of capturing what LEGO looks like in stores. When I started it, I was imagining what it would be like to see LEGO aisles from the year 2000, or 1995, or 1987. Looking back on photos from this blog that are now a decade old, it feels incredible. Stepping back in time to see sets and themes that are now long retired; sales and discounts that resellers dream of. And considering that kids who bought those sets 10 years ago are perhaps now at the age where they may begin reminiscing about them and considering collecting them in the future.

Farewell Toys R Us, March 2018

With the news that Toys R Us would be shutting down all of its stores, I took a trip to capture the state of their LEGO department before it became messy due to liquidation sales.

I’ll start the photos in the LEGO section, but then give you an extended tour of other parts of Toys R Us.

LEGO Toys R Us

LEGO at Toys R Us      

LEGO at Toys R Us