Declaring LEGO Bankruptcy?

I recently had to move my LEGO room, and came face to face with something I have been reticent to admit for awhile: I have too much LEGO. With such great forums such as and, it is so easy to find great deals on LEGO sets. Around the holidays, those deals become almost exponential, with 50% off sales, clearance sales and the like.

It’s become obvious that I have way more sets than I would ever have time to build, and duplicates of many many many (many) sets. So, I am thinning the collection a bit, of course with the goal of giving it breathing room so I can eventually add more. Funny how that works.

But the process is a good one – allowing me to get rid of stuff that I don’t love, and ensure that the sets I want to build will have room.

Here is a photo of just one shelf, some of the Emerald Night’s I have collected:

LEGO Emerald Night

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