2012 LEGO Star Wars Sets Arrive at Toys R Us

This is becoming a common site: parents spending 30 minutes feeling up bags of LEGO Minifigures in order to find the specific figures their kid wants, or in order to complete the set:

The 2012 LEGO Star Wars sets have begun arriving. Here we have the endor battle pack and the planet sets:

The wildly overpriced tie fighter:

The Y-Wing, and the much-anticipated clone battle pack:

The Droid Escape was not in the regular LEGO aisle, but at a display up front:

Anakin’s podracer polybag:

On the City side, nice to still see Public Transport in stock:

More city:

One of the newer City sets I hadn’t noticed before. Pretty cool:

They still can’t seem to unload the $38 Quiddich Match:

A random old Space Police set appeared on shelves:

The always present Prince of Persia, plus Mill Village Raid, and Earth Defense HQ:

They had pretty much the entire line of Alien Conquest back in stock:

Tons of Creator sets:


I was surprised to see a couple Fire Temples in stock: