A New Year, Without LEGO

So last year, in various small phases, I got rid of most of my LEGO. What I kept were the sets I appreciate most, and that I can actually display. For the most part, it is the modular series, plus a bunch of minifigs such as Star Wars, etc. There are other small collections I have yet to part with – one each of the Harry Potter series, all unopened, as well as some classic castle sets, with their boxes.

For me, it became overwhelming to try to store all of the LEGO I bought. The truth is that OWNERSHIP was not the most engaging part of the hobby, but rather: THE HUNT. I loved scouring the forums for good deals at retailers, searching ebay and second-hand markets.

And that drove all kinds of dream-collections, such as wanting to army build in too many different themes: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, classic castle, etc. If I had unlimited space, I could perhaps consider this. But I’ve decided I want to spend more of my time appreciating LEGO, and less time dusting LEGO.

Will I buy any LEGO this year? Maybe a set or two. But not any more than that one extra shelf can handle.

As I have said in earlier posts, there are two other motivations for me behind this decision:

  1. LEGO is simply making too many amazing sets to reasonably collect the ones I like. The just announced the Simpsons set, which looks amazing, all of the themed stuff looks fun (TMNT, LOTR, Hobbit, Star Wars, etc) and even many of the other themes have so many cool elements and colors, such as Chima. Even the new LEGO Movie sets look really neat. And this is without considering the HUGE sets – from the Star Wars UCS stuff (amazing stuff) to something like the Opera House. It’s simply too much of a good thing. I am not complaining, I am just recognizing that it forces me to have strict limits.
  2. I’ve grown bored of the idea of LEGO as investment.

All this said, I will continue the blog because I continue to be a huge LEGO fan! I still frequent a lot of the fan sites and follow lots of YouTubers who review LEGO stuff. It’s still very much a part of my day-to-day life.