Adding to the LEGO Collection

LEGO Super Heroes
Now that I have clear parameters as to what LEGO I can collect – and DISPLAY – I have started buying LEGO again. For the most part, this now involves purchasing Super Heroes minifigures. I really like how well they fit with the modular buildings – a nice way to have a cool looking street with a bit of fun mixed in.

As I go back and re-collect some Super Heroes minifigures that I sold last year when I unloaded all of my sets, I am quickly realizing that a similar thing is happening with Super Heroes as happened to Star Wars: new versions of characters coming out again and again.

For instance, I went to buy Funhouse Escape so I could get Robin, Riddler, and Joker all in one purchase. But then I saw that all three have new versions out this year.

For me, this is a bonus – it means I can get the minifigs more easily, and for less money. But for the “collectors,” see this as something that tends to remove the long-term value or demand for older minifigures. I see this most in the Star Wars universe, where LEGO keeps releasing amazing updates to characters such as clones, with lots of printing and new designs. It doesn’t necessarily make older versions LESS valuable, but it certainly decreases demand. Also: I still have a bag of Stormtroopers somewhere, and now I see that the new versions all have leg printing.

Anyhow – happy to be actively collecting again. I picked up Iron Patriot and Catwoman today, and as you can see, I added Martian Manhunter to the collection.

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  1. Hi I live in Brazil and collect Lego since 2008. I follow your blog a few years ago and also decide to buy less and play more on the hobby. Also I chose to buy all the sets of superheroes, completing a line at a time. It’s a fun theme and with great possibilities. Regards, Antonio.

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