Another Trip to the LEGO Store

I took another trip to the LEGO Store this week, and wanted to share a few things that jumped out at me. First of all, these stores are ALWAYS full of people. What recession?!

LEGO Store

They had a big display for Ninjago up front
LEGO Store Ninjago Display

Set #10216 Winter Village Bakery was on sale for $38.48. I picked one of these up, they had quite a few available, and I know the sale had already been going on for a number of days. For as much as adult fans of lego feel that they drive huge sales, again and again, I see the sets that are more for collectors collect dust, even when on sale. The LEGO Star Wars Home One playset was a prime example of this. I’m not saying this is every case, but just something I’ve been thinking about.
LEGO 10216 Winter Village Bakery

I walked by a couple who were in their 30s with a baby in a stroller who were eyeing the Maersk Cargo Ship, set 10155. The husband asked “I wonder how much it is.” I told him the price, and their eyebrows went up. I mentioned the exclusive blue color of the Maersk bricks, but they had no interest in a set at that price. I think they were buying this for a kid. Another example of the divide between regular LEGO buyers and adult collectors. That said, this set is VERY overpriced for what it is, especially considering it has been released in other versions before.
LEGO  Maersk Cargo Ship 10155

My first sighting of the LEGO Fairytale and Historic Minifigure Set #9349.
LEGO Fairytale and Historic Minifigure Set 9349

I thought these went out of stock during the holidays. Good to see it back. LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle #10212
LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 10212

They had some Atlantis sets at 75% tucked away. Very few people noticed these, but I saw one guy purchase the set:
LEGO Atlantis Sale

Over on the brick wall, they are running low on flames:
LEGO Bricks

I was happy to see these in stock:
LEGO Bricks

These as well:
LEGO Bricks

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