Build, Don’t Just Buy

As my last post indicated, I’ve been on something of a buying spree recently, with so many great LEGO sales. Last night, I was unable to even make a purchase with a 40% off coupon from because I was so used to the 50% off sale at Barnes & Noble! In the end, I didn’t make a purchase, deciding to wait for sets I really wanted, instead of just buying SOMETHING because it was on sale.

But I wanted to remind myself: BUILD, don’t just buy. That the enjoyment of this hobby is to not just find great deals and talk about them in LEGO forums, but to experience the building process. Yesterday, I finished Medieval Market Village. Incredible set! Today, I am starting the Millenium Falcon:

LEGO Millenium Falcon

I have a backlog of sets to build, too many to even list. But one by one, I will get through them. Happy building!

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