Large Molded LEGO Pieces

In the past year, one of my favorite LEGO blogs has posted about their hatred for large unnecessary LEGO pieces. Those huge molded pieces of plastic that LEGO sometimes uses. Dr. Dave Watford’s posts can be found here and here. I was recently cleaning up an older set, and came across the same thing.

The set is the 1999 Rock Raiders set #4970 The Chrome Crusher:
LEGO Rock Raiders Chrome Crusher
(image from

For such a small set (168 pieces and retailing for $30), look at these huge pieces it comes with:
LEGO Rock Raiders Chrome Crusher

For such a small set, you wonder how it can even be called LEGO. But…

The set is actually kind of cool. Some neat chrome pieces, some teal accent pieces, and a neat little vehicle overall. The best part is the very steampunk minifig:

LEGO Rock Raiders Chrome Crusher Minifig

This set can still be picked up for less than it’s original retail price from a variety of sellers on BrickLink.