LEGO Kingdoms Mill Village Raid – A Sleeper Hit?

It is looking as though LEGO is discontinuing most of their Kingdoms lineup, with Lord of the Rings coming in later in the year. As these sets disappear from store shelves, the King’s Castle seems to be in high demand in the aftermarket. While this is a fine set, with very retro LEGO appeal, there are so many other castles that are not too dissimilar in LEGO’s back catalog.

I have been considering how the Mill Village Raid set is really unique, and given that it is being retired very quickly, how well it will do in the aftermarket once it’s retired. I own two of them, here is a comparison to Medieval Market Village:

LEGO Kingdoms Mill Village Raid

The latter set has been out for years, to rave reviews, and much speculation about it’s value once it retires. But Mill Village Raid seems like a sleeper hit. You get so many animals, a very cool set with similar building styles to that of Medieval Market Village. I am looking to pick up at least one more of these. I never did end up with a King’s Castle – it just seemed like yet ANOTHER set with those large molded castle walls.

Later in the year, I may actually get a chance to build a Mill Village Raid, I will report back then!