LEGO Polybags: Hulk and TC-14

In the past few weeks, LEGO has offered some free promo polybags when you spend a certain amount of money. The Star Wars TC-14 minifig was available for a couple days around May 4th. Hulk is available for the latter part of May. I got both, but haven’t opened them yet. A nice promotion from LEGO, especially when they are “exclusive” figs. I’ve heard there are some quality control issues with Hulk. I’ll find out when I open him up…

LEGO Polybags: Hulk and TC-14

5 thoughts on “LEGO Polybags: Hulk and TC-14”

  1. My TC-14s remain sealed, but I ripped open the Hulk about 30 seconds after FedEx dropped off my order. While I admit he feels a little off because the plastic seems lighter than usual, I still love the little guy.

    1. I’m glad I got the Hulk, but I just got back from seeing Avengers, and I have to say, the BIG HULK definitely seems more to scale.nThanks.n

  2. If you keep them in the packet they will increase in value over the coming years. I think the chrome C3PO goes for well over $00

    1. Indeed. I have been trying to stockpile sets and polybags though. Even though I know they will increase in value, it takes up too much space. I ended up with two TC-14’s though so I could open one and preserve one in the package.

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