LEGO Sale at Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart evidently rolled out a big toy sale today, and there have been widely varying reports from all over the country as to how Wal-Mart prices LEGO. Some stores have great deals on sets, 50% off. Others have nothing on sale. Many have a mix. Some have the sale items clearly marked in the LEGO aisle, some in a special sale section by the garden area, and many requiring you to scan each item to see if it is on sale. These reports come from the forums at and

I headed over to my local Wal-Mart, and below is what I found. On sale was a single LEGO set, the big 1600 piece XXL box. It was at the same price Wal-Mart used as a promotion around Black Friday: $15. It was shoved in an odd location, with no sticker on it or the shelf:

Much of the LEGO section had empty shelves, with even older sets priced at full retail. The Star Wars section has tumbleweeds:

And they are promising the 2012 sets to arrive on Feb 10. I wonder why they bother waiting. Toys R Us and Target both have these sets available for sale:

The still had quite a few Harry Potter sets:

Plenty of full price Alien Conquest and Pirates of the Caribbean too:

More Harry Potter, and even Log Cabin:

It sort of surprised me to see Friends separate from the regular LEGO section:

The have a bunch of the new CITY sets:

Plus Dino and Cars:

4 thoughts on “LEGO Sale at Wal-Mart?”

  1. Wal-Mart sold the XXL box 5512 for $30 on Black Friday, not $15. I bought 2 of them on Black Friday for $30 each, and there were a crowd of people waiting by the pallet to get them. $15 is half off, which is an unbeatable deal for 1600 LEGO. That’s less than 1 cent per piece when you look at the price/piece ratio. I wish I could find some of those for $15.

    1. Wow – I didn’t realize that! They only had one on the shelf, and I grabbed it. Thanks!

      1. u00a0So what section do they sell the XXL legos? I would really want that.nI’ve different walmarts around my area, and only ONE of them have a clearance section (the one near the gardening section.)

        1. It was near the bulk LEGO boxes, but shoved in sideways between other stuff, with no sticker on the shelf. It seemed really random, but not necessarily hidden by any means.

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