LEGO Sale at Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart evidently rolled out a big toy sale today, and there have been widely varying reports from all over the country as to how Wal-Mart prices LEGO. Some stores have great deals on sets, 50% off. Others have nothing on sale. Many have a mix. Some have the sale items clearly marked in the LEGO aisle, some in a special sale section by the garden area, and many requiring you to scan each item to see if it is on sale. These reports come from the forums at and

I headed over to my local Wal-Mart, and below is what I found. On sale was a single LEGO set, the big 1600 piece XXL box. It was at the same price Wal-Mart used as a promotion around Black Friday: $15. It was shoved in an odd location, with no sticker on it or the shelf:

Much of the LEGO section had empty shelves, with even older sets priced at full retail. The Star Wars section has tumbleweeds:

And they are promising the 2012 sets to arrive on Feb 10. I wonder why they bother waiting. Toys R Us and Target both have these sets available for sale:

The still had quite a few Harry Potter sets:

Plenty of full price Alien Conquest and Pirates of the Caribbean too:

More Harry Potter, and even Log Cabin:

It sort of surprised me to see Friends separate from the regular LEGO section:

The have a bunch of the new CITY sets:

Plus Dino and Cars:

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