LEGO Shadow ARF Troopers

I managed to pick up 5 more LEGO Shadow ARF Troopers to add to my collection. I considered grabbing more, but somehow, this seemed a “reasonable” number to buy.

LEGO Shadow ARF Troopers

4 thoughts on “LEGO Shadow ARF Troopers”

  1. Can I ask where you buy all of your LEGO from? u00a0Is it through Bricklink, and if so do you buy from the same source? u00a0I am just starting on my LEGO obsession and am so jealous of your collection that I have seen on your blog.

    1. Hi Paul,nI actually have a variety of sources. These ARF Troopers were bought directly through LEGO. The forums on and keep me on top of sales and discounts. Plus some eBay and Bricklink of course!nWelcome to the hobby!n

      1. Thanks for the info. u00a0nUnfortunately for me (in regards to LEGO anyway) I’m in Australia where LEGO prices areu00a0ridiculouslyu00a0expensive – u00a0Typically twice the US RRP. u00a0And shipping from is a minimum of $25. u00a0I’m hoping that their May the 4th promo has free shipping so I can justify getting the exclusive TC-14 minifig.

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