LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 10212

It looks as though the Imperial Shuttle set is about to hit “end of life,” meaning be retired after 2 years, which is common for Star Wars UCS sets. I have two already, but wanted a third, and found a decent deal at Target. They had a promotion where you got the Jedi T-6 Shuttle for free, plus I think there was already a 10% discount. I coupled this with 10% off via a Discover card promotion, and now have a 3rd Imperial Shuttle in my collection.

It’s a beautiful model, and pretty unique compared to all the other hulking gray ships in the other UCS sets. While it has been widely discounted for awhile, I think Amazon had it for $206 for weeks at a time in the winter, I think it will do well in the aftermarket. It is being replaced by the B-Wing, which was barely seen in the movies, is rather odd looking, and doesn’t seem to have much of a presence.

There is talk of this set being discounted as we get closer to Black Friday. From what I have seen, fewer and fewer retailers have this in stock. So it could be like a Green Grocer scenario, where LEGO discounts it on their site near Black Friday, even though it had been sold out everywhere for weeks already. I would definitely pick up another two if I found a good deal. If I found a 50% off deal, well, all bets are off!

Here is the haul:

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 10212

2 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 10212”

  1. Just in time scooped mine from at a very cheap 189 euros
    Haven’t seen it cheaper anywhere else in europe.

    1. I know, I have been seeing the prices you have right now on the Shuttle in Europe with envy! Congrats on that!

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