LEGO Store Black Friday Deals

This year the LEGO Store didn’t surprise us with any amazing discounts. Last year, we got some nice deals on retiring sets such as Emerald Night, Imperial Flagship, and the Republic Dropship. This year:

  • Some minor discounts on a variety of sets.
  • 10% off your purchase.
  • A free holiday set.

I’m definitely not complaining, this is all a welcome sentiment from LEGO. I picked up two of the mini-modular set 10230, which I had been holding out on. I grabbed the 2012 Star Wars advent calendar for $25, as well as the little desk calendar for $12. They didn’t have the business card holder even listed on their site – that is a set I was hoping to pick up multiples of.

The 2012 holiday set 3300014 seems really nice, you get 4 minifigs, a horse, and a nice little scene. I’m hoping they sell these off individually just after Christmas, but I won’t hold my breath for that.

LEGO Store Black Friday Deals

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