LEGO Yard Sale Finds

There were some nice LEGO finds at a local yard sale today. The online ad clearly showed some LEGO boxes, so I got there early. An older woman was already there waiting for them, but once we were allowed in, most of the sets were above her price range. I picked up:

  • Winter Toy Shop 10199 (looks complete, in sealed bags, but open box.) $15
  • Winter Bakery 10216 (looks complete, it has been built, and put back into baggies.) $15
  • Pharoah’s Quest Scorpion Pyramid 7327 (brand new, sealed box) $40
  • World Racers Desert of Destruction 8864 (open box, most of the baggies were still sealed, looks complete) $20
  • Pharoah’s Quest Rise of the Sphinx 7326 (this was the “mistake” of the lot. The box was open, and I didn’t check inside before I bought it. It had both manuals, but only two sealed baggies.) $15
  • 2 Ninjago Ninja Outpost Training sets 2516 (both sealed boxes) $1 each
  • Harry Potter Freeing Dobby 4736 (the set was opened and built, mostly complete, but missing Dobby) $2
  • A mixed box of pieces and minifies in the LEGO Master Builder Academy 20200box. Included Bossk and other minifigs from new sets, including Alien Quest and Pirates of the Caribbean. Didn’t seem to have much of the Master Builder set left though. $5

All told, I spent $114, which is crazy expensive for a yard sale. But… these were sets I wanted, and it was a huge savings over buying them at the LEGO Store. The older woman bought a box of unopened baggies of LEGOS that had come from sets. I didn’t realize it until later, but a couple of those bags belonged to the Rise of the Sphinx set. She spent probably $10 total, $1 per bag.

Here is the seller writing them up at the sale:
LEGO Yard Sale

And here are all the sets once I got home:
LEGO Yard Sale

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  1. I only found one lego sale in my life. The only one that i have been to was a star wars one that had repulic gunship slave 1 and slave 2 boga and grevious’s wheel bike obi wans star fighter ┬ámillenium falcon gungan sub jabba’s sail barge and battle droid ship. it was $60 total. Isn’t that cool?!

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