Marvel Avengers Sets Arrive at LEGO Store, Rockefeller Center

I made a quick stop into the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store this week to check to see how their stock of Marvel Avengers sets was faring. Here is what I found:

The main entrance to the store:

The large windows that look out on Rockefeller Center:

Rockefeller Center:

It was very crowded:

Tons of people:

Technic sets:

Lots of Star Wars and Cars:

Still a sliver of Pirates of the Caribbean sets:

I am always amazed that they offer three huge Star Wars sets for sale at once. That Death Star has been around forever, and still very popular:

The new Marvel Super Heroes Avengers sets. Still a bunch in stock:

Ninjago, with plenty of red boxes:


More City, with a lone Alien Conquest set on the bottom right:

“Other” LEGO stuff:

Some interesting pieces on the pick a brick wall, including dark tan tiles:

Very useful dark gray pieces:

Black tiles:

More dark gray:

Trans clear cheese slopes:

Dark gray 1×1 bricks