Ninjago Lloyd ZX Hits Stores Early – The Green Ninja

Evidently, this guy is a pretty big deal. He wasn’t supposed to be released until September, but Amazon keeps getting him in stock, and quickly selling out. Others have reported seeing him in stores recently as well.

Some are saying that the Lloyd ZX set will be one of the hot toys of the holiday season, that they only other way to get him is in the expensive $120 set, Epic Dragon Battle, and that every kid wants to be the Green Ninja, who is a kid as well.

Amazon was going through their stock super quickly, and folks are getting $20-30 for theirs on eBay. I couldn’t resist picking some up. This is half of my order:
Ninjago Lloyd ZX

A closeup:
Ninjago Lloyd ZX

The back of the card:
Ninjago Lloyd ZX

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