Selling Off Most Of My LEGO?!

It’s true, I will be selling off most of my LEGO in the coming months. Let me say up front, this DOES NOT indicate any loss of love for LEGO or the hobby. I will continue with this blog and with following the LEGO community.

So the reasons are two-fold. First is what I explained in my last post, that I have concerns about a LEGO investing bubble. So thinning the herd allows me to keep what I love, and let go of what I don’t need five copies of!

The second reason is that it looks as though I will be moving. I’d love to arrive there with a sense of space, instead of stacks and stacks of LEGO. So from a strictly practical standpoint, I want to see LEGO around me as something to enjoy, not something to store.

I haven’t bought any (or much) new LEGO in the past couple of months, it’s an odd feeling. But I still love the hobby. Thank you all for continuing with it too! I’ll continue with this blog, sharing photos of my toy store visits, etc.

2 thoughts on “Selling Off Most Of My LEGO?!”

    1. I never had any of the old Batman sets. It’s mostly stuff from the past 3 years or so, plus a lot of vintage stuff I really have to go through. I have not organized it into a list or with pricing, etc. As much as I would love to be able to sell this stuff directly into the LEGO community via this blog or Brickset, etc, I don’t have a lot of spare time. I’ll just sell it set by set via the usual channels.

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