Some Great LEGO Finds at Target and Toys R Us

I had a couple nice surprises today. At Target, I finally found the LEGO Target Gift Card. They had 5 on the pegs, and when I asked if they had more, the Target team member expressed shock that I even found these:

And at Toys R Us, I found one Clone Walker Battle Pack, on sale for 33% off:

Oddly, these two sets were on the shelf at Toys R Us: Tower Bridge and Imperial Shuttle. Both boxes were very beat up, and were regular price (though Tower Bridge would have qualified for Buy One Get One 50% Off Sale:

After days and days of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendars being on sale, they still have plenty of stock. I’ve heard that in Europe, these are harder to come by.

A small sale on Ninjago Training Outpost:

The final days of Alien Conquest being on the shelves. I want to pick up another one of these Earth Defense HQ Sets:

They still had two of the Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle sets in stock, even at the sale price:

I took a peak at the new Ninjago snake sets, and was really impressed by some of the minifigs:

And finally, it’s always nice to see a red bicycle in a set:

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  1. Great update! nnBut Alien Conquest is not in it’s final days. It’s in the 2012 dealer catalogue. Definitely not going anywhere.

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